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Avril 2021


COVID-19 FAQ - Update April 1st 2021


Frequently Asked Questions:


What are you doing to minimize the risk of infections by COVID-19 virus?


Our number one priority is to continue to protect our staff.

To mitigate the risk of potential internal cross contamination for our operational staff, we have put in place following procedures, in compliance with measures recommended by French sanitary authorities:

  • Within our plants, we have enforced strict rules, introducing some corporate behavioral measures and supplying COVID 19 specific PPE to employees and visitors (face masks, alcoholic solution for hand sanitation, alcoholic solution for surface sanitation…).

  • Non-production essential persons have been advised to work from home whenever possible. 

  • The external cleaning company was instructed to proceed with a deeper sanitation, using alcoholic solutions or specific sanitizing products for door handles, tables, desks and various surfaces.

  • All employees have been asked to continue minimizing contacts and to wear a face mask at any time on Adhex premises including meeting rooms. Although meetings with clients and suppliers can happen on-site when necessary, we encourage meetings via smart tools (Microsoft Teams / Skype / Zoom…) 

  • Visitors on site are expected to fully comply with a strict respect for sanitary measures applied at Adhex (i.a. wearing face masks at all time, personal sanitation and physical distancing).


Are you monitoring outgoing and incoming truck drivers?


With the aim of limiting contacts between staff in charge of loading and unloading the goods and the drivers, the latter are requested to use alcoholic solutions and wear protective equipment such as a face masks.


In all production sites, specific extraordinary procedures have been implemented in order to regulate the interactions between Adhex staff and the drivers.


Is the supply of raw materials at risk?


For all our suppliers, production and supply are still running. It should be noted that Adhex could be facing increasing delays in deliveries, due to i.a. high absentee rates on suppliers’ sites, lower availability of shipper/forwarder, border crossing restrictions on top of extraordinary pressure observed across the broad spectrum of petrochemical adhesives raw materials as well as other oil derivatives such as films and non-wonvens.


In this challenging environment, our Supply Chain management is monitoring the situation with our suppliers daily, in order to prevent potential problems. 



Are the production sites fully operational?


Production is running at full capacity on all Adhex sites. 


Will the deliveries continue? 


Inquiries and orders will continue to be processed. It is kindly requested from our customers that they keep on expressing their volume forecast in a very candid way, to continue helping the production planning and organization. Considering the current context (e.g. lower availability of staff for suppliers and shipping companies, potential border restrictions, tightened supply inventories or capacities, declared forces majeures), there could be additional leadtime.


Will the price of your production be affected by the current situation? 


Obviously, the current context is resulting in lower efficiency on top of a context of a recent sharp inflation for most raw material prices. We continuously work to control costs and maintain pricing continuity but all our efforts may not be sufficient. Should prices need to be modified, customers would be advised by the Adhex team in charge. 


We will regularly update this site to inform you about current situation.