XL Care Dermic Strips

Adhesive skin closure

  • Carrier: White PET non-woven 59 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent acrylic 60 g/sqm
  • Liner: White paper two sides siliconized 82 g/sqm
En savoir plus
  • 5 strips of 3mm x 75mm per sheet
  • 3 strips of 6mm x 75mm per sheet
  • 10 strips of 6mm x 100mm per sheet
  • 6 strips of 12mm x 100mm per sheet
  • 3 strips of 12mm x 100mm per sheet
  • 5 strips of 6mm x 100mm per sheet
  • Primary and secondary closure low tension wounds, providing support following early suture or stape removal
  • Component of nursing care sets
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive for excellent adhesion while being gentle to skin
  • White rigid PET non-woven to provide wound support and increase wound tensile strength
  • Pre-cut presentation for easy application
  • Permeable to moisture and air for safety and protection
Stockage et durée de conservation
  • Avoid storing the product outside for any significant period of time where it could be exposed to harmful influences such as humidity or direct sunlight. This product should be transferred, in the original packaging, to the processing area at least 24 hours before processing.
  • Product as supplied in original packaging will maintain stated properties during 18 months before any subsequent transformation / usage / converting, when stored at ambient temperature, preferably in between 15°C (59°F) and 30°C (86°F) and in between 35% and 65% relative humidity.
Please note that tests are conducted under standardized conditions and, as a consequence, the results obtained for a specific application may differ from the results presented hereabove.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES only guarantees the conformity of its products with the specifications shown on the technical datasheet, at the time of their delivery.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES offers no other guarantee and, in particular, does not guarantee the performance of the product or its safety when used in combination with other materials.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES does not guarantee products in respect of a particular usage, nor does it guarantee their compatibility with or appropriateness for any industrial application orprocessing method whatsoever.
Customers are advised to refer to the “General Conditions of Sales and Warranty” which can be found on www.adhex.com
Reference : FT-SAN-00157-01
Creation date : 2021/10/15

Découvrez d'autres produits similaires

XL Care Protect Film

PU dressing with adhesive-free central area

  • Carrier: Transparent PU film 28 g/sqm reinforced with non-woven PET film 50 g/sqm
  • Lamination adhesive : Solvent acrylic 20 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent acrylic 27 g/sqm
  • Liner: White paper one side siliconized 80 g/sqm
  • Adhesive-free central area for lower risk of skin irritation and patient comfort
  • Breathable dressing
  • Good skin adhesion
XL Care Dermic PAD

XL Care Dermic Film Pad

Post-operative PAD dressing

  • Applicator: White paper one side siliconized 121 g/sqm
  • Carrier: Transparent PU Film 25 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent acrylic 25 g/sqm
  • Absorbent PAD: PE / Viscose non-woven 190 g/sqm
  • Liner: Printed paper one side siliconized 81 g/sqm
  • High skin tolerance adhesive: allows the skin to breath and reduce maceration
  • Breathable, waterproof, bacteria proof and hypoallergenic for safety and protection
  • Improve wound exudates' absorption


Single coated white PET non-woven

  • Carrier: White PET non-woven 59 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent acrylic 60 g/sqm
  • Liner : White paper one side siliconized 62 g/sqm
  • High cutaneous tolerance
  • Rigid non-woven carrier
  • Easy to die-cut thanks to liner thickness

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