Car body element stiffener

Adhex stiffeners prevent the distortion of the body parts of a vehicle. They also improve on-board comfort by eliminating unwanted vibrations and noise.

Stiffeners placed in the body of the vehicles prevent indentation, i.e. distortion of the carbody parts. In order to play their role, they must be custom made, perfectly fit the curve of each part and have as little contact with the trim elements as possible.These stiffeners are made up, according to the needs and constraints, of different components: plastic sheet, cardboard, foam… They can integrate a damping plate whose role is to reduce the vibration sensations felt by passengers and to eliminate rolling or slamming noises. The stiffeners must in no case, when they are fixed, cause the slightest distortion or degrade the tense aspect of the sheet metal. They are fixed using double-sided adhesive tapes or glue, Adhex being able to offer vehicle manufacturers solutions of different densities perfectly adapted to each part. The setting up of the stiffener in the assembly line is simple, usually done by simple pressure; a unique protector is available to facilitate the setting up. Playing a major role in making vehicles lighter, and therefore reducing their consumption and environmental impact, the carbody stiffeners designed by Adhex in cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers’ technical teams have a shelf life of 15 years. Their stiffness is tested by bending tests. They comply with all the standards in force in the automotive industry: fireproofing, fogging, volatile organic compounds…

Our range of car body element stiffener


Adhesive anti-vibration stiffener

  • Carrier: Black PP foam (1500g/sqm 5mm)
  • Damping material: Black bitumen plate (11.5kg/sqm-4.8mm)
  • Adhesive: Double sided non-woven adhesive (Adhex P558)
  • Liner: White anti-adherent paper
  • Excellent performance in the treatment of vibrations and acoustics
  • Excellent adhesive performance in wet environments
  • Excellent mechanical resistance

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