Die-cut adhesive parts

With his experience in the automotive industry, Adhex offers a wide range of technical adhesive parts that guarantee sealing and acoustic comfort on board as well as the protection of parts, during the whole life of the vehicle.

Our recognized know-how at the service of the automotive industry

A vehicle is exposed to numerous aggressive elements, such as water, air, dust, heat or cold, and a wide variety of shocks. Adhex has developed a range of adhesive solutions to seal the bodywork holes, thus guaranteeing an optimal sealing of the vehicle, but also to protect the various sensitive parts or to attenuate the noises, whether they come from the car or from the outside.
Adhex has been working with manufacturers for decades, which allows it to offer a wide range of solutions adapted to all needs, during the manufacturing of the vehicle, its transport or its use. Our die-cut adhesive parts also replace plastic caps, are easily installed in the assembly line and have proven their efficiency, both on sealing and acoustic comfort or other protection such as anti-corrosion.

Discover our solutions for custom die-cut adhesive parts

Hole covering & adhesive sealing elements of car body

In order to guarantee the tightness of the vehicle - against water, air, dust and noises, Adhex offers a range of resistant and durable gaskets that can be positioned outside as well as in the passenger compartment or engine block.

Protective die-cut adhesive parts

Air, water, dust, bad weather and thermal variations, vibrations and shocks: Adhex protects every vehicle thanks to its wide range of die-cut adhesive parts.

Die-cut adhesive parts for acoustic protection of vehicles

Adhex develops for vehicle manufacturers a range of adhesive parts contributing to sound insulation and absorption to contribute to a quieter drive.

Automatic assembly devices

To optimize the application cycle time of die-cut parts, Adhex developed cutting-edge means, transitioning from non-ergonnomic manual process to automated, ensuring both efficiency and safety.

We develop custom made adhesive solutions for hole covering protection of part and car body, why not yours ?

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