Tapes for transdermal / Pharma applications

Interface which ensures patch fixation and securement, the range of adhesive solutions developed by Adhex improves skin adhesion for optimal cutaneous tolerance while complying with regulatory constraints.

Our well established know-how at the forefront with the pharmaceutical industry

Packaging for topical patches or excipient for transdermal matrix patch coating devices, the Adhex range of adhesives has been designed with a view to get an optimal patch bonding on the skin and the preservation of the active ingredient.


By multiplying the adhesion performance and the number of skin contact points, the adhesive backings for reservoir patches or patch covering ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredient by facilitating its transdermal administration.


The entire patch pharma range benefits from the industrial know-how acquired by Adhex since many years in the pharmaceutical field. Its technological expertise in the field of adhesive formulations, produced in a controlled atmosphere room, complies with all the regulatory constraints of ISO 10-993 standards up to DMF EU/US. By mastering the entire production process and in particular the final stages of transformation, Adhex also offers the customization of all patch components

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Adhesive tapes for topical reservoir patches

Wide range of adhesive layers and solutions for transdermal and topical patches manufacturers.

Patch: adhesive securement and covering

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