Thermoformed foams and plastic films

Allowing in particular to lighten vehicles, Adhex’s thermoformed foam and thermoplastic parts effectively and durably ensure the waterproofing and thermal or acoustic insulation of vehicles.

Discover our solutions for thermoformed parts in foams and thermoplastics

Essential to vehicle safety and comfort, vacuum thermoformed solutions made of plastic foams and films play a role in thermal and acoustic insulation and protection, guaranteeing water, air, noise and dust tightness. Thanks to the properties of its material (carrier and adhesive masses) and its automated in-line thermoforming process, Adhex produces and delivers a wide variety of applications: doors and custodes watershields, acoustic or thermal barriers.
Working directly with the design teams of vehicle manufacturers, Adhex designs adhesive or mechanically fixed solutions. With a long experience in the field of thermoforming sealing parts, Adhex develops these solutions from a wide range of closed-cell polyolefin foams (PP, PE) and adhesive solutions (hot melt, butyl) specifically selected in order to offer a durable and secure solution throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.
Taking into account all the functional interfaces of the components of the various vehicle components, Adhex develops its parts within its digital design department (CAD, Catia V5) on the basis of the elements provided by its customers and in compliance with design recommendations.

Discover our solutions for thermoformed parts in foams and thermoplastics

Screen sealer / Door water shield

The panels installed in the doors ensure that the vehicle is sealed against water, air, noise and dust. Reliable, lightweight and made to last, they meet the highest quality requirements.

Thermal protection

In order to create an efficient thermal barrier between the engine compartment or the outside air on the one hand, and the passenger compartment on the other hand, Adhex has developed a wide range of thermoformed polyolefin foam parts contributing to the comfort of use of the vehicle.

Acoustic insulation

Limiting the noises heard from inside the vehicle, particularly in the passenger compartment, is a major challenge for car manufacturers. Adhex offers high quality acoustic insulation solutions based on perfectly mastered technologies.

We develop custom made adhesive solutions for thermoformed foams and plastic films, why not yours ?

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