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Adhex develops specific adhesives for the manufacture and assembly of electric batteries, fuel cells, wind turbines, charging stations, whether for assembly, sealing, noise and vibration management, or identification and traceability.

Cutting-edge solutions for the development of future energies

A strategic sector in a context of ecological transition, sustainable mobility and green energy are in full development.
From the green energy producers like wind turbine or solar panel to low CO2 emissions devices like fuell-cells or batteries, Adhex proposes solutions.
Focused on mobility, electric (EV), hybrid (HV) or hydrogen vehicles are gradually gaining ground on the market.
Adhex offers adhesive solutions all along this value chain: from the production of batteries or fuel cells to the manufacture of modules or assembly on vehicles. The group collaborates with international leaders in the sector at all levels: major car manufacturers (but also buses, trains, cycles, scooters…), manufacturers of machines, raw materials (cathodes, anodes, separators…), semi-finished products (cells, modules…), finished cells or batteries, …
We also participate in the design of stationary solutions: production of “green” hydrogen decarbonated by water electrolysis, fixed storage, generator system Hyrdogen or recharging stations.

Discover the applications of our products in the fast-growing world of sustainable energy

Solar Energy

Adhex offers solutions adapted to the production of solar panels: mounting on structure, fixing of components, identification and much more.

Wind Energy

The adhesives developed by Adhex offer solutions for the assembly and maintenance of wind turbines: surface protection, waterproofing, identification, etc

Hydrogen Mobility

Adhex has designed specific adhesives for the manufacture and assembly of hydrogen installations: fuel cell assembly, sealing, noise management, identification, etc.

Electric Mobility

Adhex designes adhesives dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of electric batteries: assembly, sealing, identification, noise management,...

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