Interior and exterior adhesive protection

Whether for temporary protection – on the assembly line or during transport- or permanent protection, Adhex has designed a range of protection solutions for the carbody, bumpers and painted areas.

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Because a vehicle is subject to aggressions (bad weather, thermal shocks, UV radiation…) and impacts (projection of gravel, scratches, friction…) throughout its life, Adhex has designed a range of protection devices which benefit, for its installation, from its mastery of adhesive technologies. These protective parts can be applied in a temporary way: it is then a question of positioning a foam at the factory exit and until the delivery to the customer, either a maximum duration of six months at the end of which the part will be removed without leaving any trace. But Adhex also offers transparent films for permanent protection, intended to protect the vehicle for its entire life – these include films aplied to the front and rear fenders, the hood or the bumper to prevent damage caused by stone chips, for example.
Whether temporary or permanent, the protective devices themselves must be resistant to impact, weather, sunlight or temperature variations. The requirement for durability is even higher for permanent films, which must be both effective and discreet, or even invisible. Adhex has developed Bull’Net technology for them, enabling them to be applied in the factory without the appearance of air bubbles with a perfect result to the eye. In addition, the protections have to be adapted to all types of carrier: plastic, painted or varnished sheet metal… They are easy to apply in the factory and, for temporary protections, easy to remove before delivery to the final customer.

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Temporary car body and bumper protections

To protect the vehicle between the factory and the dealership, Adhex offers vehicle manufacturers a specific part composed of a foam and an adhesive that leaves no trace upon removal.

Adhesive film for permanent protection of automotive paint

To permanently protect the car body from stone chips or stripes, transparent, high-strength films can be applied to sensitive parts of the vehicle.

We develop custom made adhesive solutions for Interior and exterior adhesive protection of cars, why not yours ?

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