Technical labels

Meeting the requirements of reliability, durability and security, Adhex supplies vehicle manufacturers for all their needs and offers three main ranges of automotive labels: pre-printed labels with line-side print rework, RFID labels and generic printed labels.

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Vehicle identification labels (VIN, manufacturer’s plate), engine recommendations, fuel or tire recommendations, identification, traceability, airbag, safety: printed labels are everywhere in a car, inside and outside. The different Adhex labels have all in common a perfect resistance to the constraints they are subjected to: resistance to temperature changes, to bad weather and ultraviolet rays, resistance to tear-off attempts and chemical aggression. The printed label carries information (text, pictogram, image). It is imperative to preserve this data throughout the production process and the life cycle of the vehicle. The choice of the carrier, the printing technology (flexography, typography, screen printing, digital…) and the ink protection system (varnish, lamination) is an integral part of Adhex’s know-how and allows the label to ensure its function on the long term. This is particularly true for our security, information or traceability labels, containing RFID data: RFID patches are introduced into the labels according to a specific process and the composition of the labels allows them to pass though all production cycles without any damage, including painting. Resistant and reliable, Adhex automotive labels are designed in close collaboration with the technical teams of the manufacturers, in order to perfectly meet the requirements (specifications, standards) of the customers. The technical adhesive solutions can be affixed on all surfaces: sheet metal, plastics, windows, inside and outside the vehicle, in the passenger compartment as well as in the engine compartment.

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Traceability, security or RFID labels

RFID tags are included in a more complex part that guarantees on the one hand the industrial implementation at high rate and on the other hand the preservation and reading of the data they contain.

Printed labels

Whatever is their function - safety, informative, signage or traceability - the labels carry important information on the use of the vehicle. Adhex labels meet drastic quality criteria that guarantee their durability and legibility throughout the life of the vehicle.

Pre-printed labels with line-edge repeat printing

Adhex designs and sells adhesive labels that can be printed by vehicle manufacturers on vehicle assembly lines. This is particularly the case for vehicle manufacturer's plates, which must be both tamper proof and highly resistant.

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