Recognized expertise in the design and production of adhesive products for the automotive market

As an automotive supplier, Adhex designs a large range of technical solutions according to the standards, the requirements of manufacturers and the regulatory changes that accompany them.

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Adhex, an expertise in the development of adhesive solutions for the automotive market

Adhex is a company that is among the leaders in the design and manufacture of adhesive parts for the automotive industry. It has a complete technological portfolio enabling it to respond to the needs of manufacturers in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of quality.

Adhex, a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, masters the manufacturing technologies of pressure sensitive adhesives, which allows us to meet the needs of automotive manufacturers for thermoformed parts, roof stiffeners, labels, thin or thick adhesive die-cut parts or decorative parts. Our products fit into all parts of the vehicle: doors, roof, engine block, passenger compartment, bodywork... They play a role in terms of safety, technical information, protection, decoration or personalization of the car. The products are designed by our research teams, in close collaboration with the manufacturers. Adhex thus adapts itself to all the specific constraints of the automotive industry: search for the lightest solutions, design of adhesives resistant to impacts, chemical aggressions, corrosion, UV radiation, bad weather... Long-lasting parts respecting to the letter the environmental and regulatory constraints specific to the automotive industry. Adhex has the approvals and certifications required by the automotive industry and contributes, through a constant follow-up from the research and innovation phase to the series life, to supply parts with a very high level of quality. While its headquarters, research center and main production unit are located in Dijon (France), Adhex also has international subsidiaries in Spain, Slovakia and Brazil, where it develops projects and produces parts for the automotive industry as close as possible to its customers. A workshop located in Besançon also ensures the production of printed PVC and decorative parts

Our recognized know-how at the service of Automotive Industry

Adhex works in close collaboration with major automotive manufacturers to provide technical adhesive solutions that meet their normative requirements as well as the evolution of the automotive world in terms of weight savings, electrification, recyclability.

Decoration and customization

Our decorative range for limited edition, special series and original equipment allow to identify, customize and personalize the vehicles.

Technical labels

Security information, traceability, RFID functionality are covered by our range of printed or line-edge print rework automotive labels.

Thermoformed foams and plastic films

Allowing to lighten the vehicles, Adhex thermoformed parts in foam or film ensure the air, water, dust and noise protection.

Die-cut adhesive parts

Technical adhesive die cut parts that guarantee water-tightness, acoustic and part protection are at the heart of our know how.

Stiffening & damping solution

Adhex offers products to avoid sheet metal distortion, to improve the acoustic performance and comfort.

Interior and exterior adhesive protection

Our adhesive permanent or temporary protection solutions are used for car body, bumpers and painted areas.

Acoustic & thermal soundproofing

XL Pad (Fiber) and XL Drypad (Felt) Adhex solutions for automotive acoustic insulation contribute to the comfort and thermal insulation of the vehicle.

Adhex is integrated throughout the entire value chain. One product, one project: full fledged-expertise with a single partner

Our customers trust us for the following reasons: a permanent product development focused on the needs of our customers, a recognized quality level, technical capabilities established on all our manufacturing sites.

Research & Innovation

In its adhesives and polymers research and development center (Cerap), Adhex designs adhesives that perfectly meet the needs of manufacturers. It ensures the formulation, the implementation on prototype and the characterization.

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Quality & Certifications

Adhex guarantees its customers the highest level of quality. Its quality department intervenes throughout the relationship with the manufacturers, from the design of the part to its serial life.

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High-tech equipment ensures, in four workshops, the production of Adhex parts for the automotive industry, with a high mastery of various technologies meeting the needs of manufacturers

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We do our utmost to answer your technical need

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