Vascular Acces: adhesive dressings for Dialysis, central catheter and oncology

Optimal hemostasis, device security and sealing, high skin tolerance, conformability, the range of adhesives devices for Vascular Access applications offers high adhesion performance and facilitates application and removal steps.

Our experience: development of adhesive solutions for vascular access

Haemostatic dressings for haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, needle safety, needle protection and covering for oncology, the range of medical devices designed for the vascular access achieve a high level of adhesion and safety. Thanks to its perfect knowledge of adhesive chemistries and materials, Adhex reinforces the performances of its devices, allowing to reduce the compression time and thus accelerate hemostasis for dialysis. Adhesive technologies and cutting techniques facilitate application and removal while adapting to the repeatability of care.


Adhex solutions ensure the safety of intravenous catheters with long-lasting homogeneous skin adhesion levels, avoiding any risk of maceration and infection at the needle entry point. They also ensure their functions of protection of invasive medical devices (implantable chambers, Huber needles)


By mastering the entire manufacturing process, Adhex perfectly adapts to the requirements of the medical environment and meets personalized requests: device sizes, cuts and backsplits on the release liner and/or applicator. The production in controlled atmosphere includes the latest transformation processes such as flat bed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, individual packaging and printing of logos and other IFUs. Its experience, gained by working with major medical kit manufacturers for over 25 years, guarantees perfect control of regulations, in compliance with bio-compatibility and CE marking standards. Thus the entire Vascular Access range, delivered in bags or in bulk, can be perfectly integrated into the care sets used by the nursing staff.

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Post Dialysis And Hemostasis Devices

Post dialysis hemostasis and blood coagulation tailor made adhesive solutions

Needle adhesive fixation and securement

Needle securement tapes and custom made devices used for Hemodialysis or Peritoneal dialysis as well as intra venous therapies

Implantable chambers protection and sealing

Additional securement and easy to use devices, with a view to protect or cover needles, used mainly for oncology and IV therapies

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