Adhesive tapes for Medical devices assembly

Single-sided, double-sided or transfer tape, Adhex adapts its solutions to your needs to to design a custom-made medical device according to the type of substrate required, in compliance with biocompatibility standards.

Adhex’s experience and know-how in the formulation of adhesive allowed us to improve our bonding’s solutions performances and thus strengthen its partnerships with the medical industry. While Adhex masters all the manufacturing steps, from coating to converting, we have also been working with medical device manufacturers for more than thirty years by responding to their topics of assembly, creation and development of a fully customized adhesive. Depending on the type (foam, non-woven, film) and nature of the substrate (smooth, roughness, low surface energy), its skin application (wear time, location and conformability, breathability…), Adhex offers a high-performance adhesive component in order to create the best medical device adapted to your needs. Sterilization resistance, DM safety and efficiency issues, length and thickness of the width, adhesive cohesion and creeping issues, material shrinkage and elongation during processing, type of release liners with converting incidence, thickness and stripping load forces… Adhex has an adhesive solutions for all of these issues to design a product which will be easily processed and in compliance with biocompatibility standards (ISO 10993 standards, DMF pharmaceutical use and control of row 2).

Our adhesive solutions for your Medical Device


Double coated white PE/EVA foam

  • Carrier: White PE/EVA foam 92 g/sqm
  • Adhesive open side: Solvant acrylic 60 g/sqm
  • Liner: White paper two sides siliconized 80 g/sqm
  • Adhesive closed side: Solvant acrylic 60 g/sqm
  • High skin adhesion
  • Conformable
  • Easy to die-cut due to liner thickness


Differentiated double coated transparent PET film

  • Carrier: Transparent PET film 17 g/sqm
  • Adhesive (Open side): Solvent free acrylic 60 g/sqm
  • Adhesive (Close side): Solvent free acrylic 40 g/sqm
  • Liner: White paper two sides siliconized 92 g/sqm
  • Differenciated double sided tape higher adhesion
  • Easy to convert due to liner thickness


Transfer tape

  • Liner 1: White paper one side siliconized 81 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent-free acrylic adhesive 50 g/sqm
  • Liner 2: Transparent PET film 51 g/sqm
  • Good bonding to PE foam
  • Eco-friendly adhesive

We developp adhesive solutions for various Medical Devices, why not yours ?

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