Optimum performance of adhesive solutions for the smart card industry

Identification, assembly and attachment of smart cards for the mail, a complete range of technical adhesive solutions to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

A relationship of trust with the major players in the smart card industry

Adhex premium adhesives are designed for all types of smart cards, rigid or flexible cards (smart cards, magnetic stripe cards…). Reliable, resistant, specially designed: from design (chip assembly to supports and connectors…) to mailing, through information (instructions, data security…), they will meet all your needs and comply with your manufacturing and assembly processes, including high production rates. These adhesives are particularly suitable for use in the banking (credit cards and other bank cards), mobile telephony and telecom (SIM cards), health (health insurance cards), transport (petrol cards, driving licences…), marketing or mass distribution (loyalty cards) sectors, or in access systems and personnel cards. Thanks to its collaboration with international leaders, the Adhex team has an excellent knowledge of machines, processes and market players. Working closely with our customers on their production lines, we listen to you and can adapt our products to your requirements.

Find our labels and die-cut adhesive parts dedicated to the smart card industry

Assembly of card components

Adhex adhesive tapes are designed for the assembly of smart cards, whether to glue the electronic circuit to the carrier or to connect it to the connector.

Confidentiality Labels

Adhex develops solutions to temporarily add or hide data protection instructions when sending smart cards.

Card Attachment

Adhex Group has developed double-sided adhesive tapes specific to the mailing and direct mailing of smart cards, which it distributes worldwide.

We develop customized solutions for the smart card industry. Why not yours?

Does your project require expertise for technical adhesive substrates? Contact the Adhex teams today to find a customized solution.

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