More than seventy years of experience on Medical Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and a unique know how

Since 1952, Adhex has been developing a unique know-how in the design of polymers and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) that provide technical solutions to medical devices designed by worldwide industry leaders

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Blood Bag Label

Adhex, an expertise in the development of adhesive solutions for the medical field

Adhex's high industrial qualification is recognized and approved by the medical industry. By working hand in hand with the world's leading manufacturers, Adhex masters the technical production aspects and innovates in the design of adhesive components and medical devices.

Adhex's ability to adapt to medical industry's specifications enables us to develop turnkey and optimized products. Thus, the expertise acquired in the adhesive formulation, the choice of the best carriers and the different designs are the result of several years of Research and Development work. By mastering the entire production chain, Adhex has developed a unique know-how to design and manufacture customized and custom made adhesive products.   Adhex improves the performance of components, medical devices and other technical labels in order to bring more safety, efficacy and comfort to patients and users. Optimal adhesion to skin or other challenging substrates, conformability, breathability, intelligent designs ensuring excellent handiness, material selection resistant to physical and chemicall constraints... are all properties that benefit from Adhex know-how and manufacturing carried out in a fully controlled environment at all stages of production: adhesive coating, roll cutting, transformation into die-cut parts... This value chain, certified by the ISO 13485 V2016 standard, guarantees perfect control of the manufacturing process at each stage incuding finished, packed and sterile product ready to be used.

Adhex develops and provides different solutions used in wide variety of health care applications

Far from being restricted to plasters and dressings alone, adhesives are widely employed in the medical field for patient's safety and ease of use: secured traceability, wounds healing and covering, improving patients comfort, user protection during hospital sessions or surgery procedures and medical device assembly.

Medical device identification and traceability

Labelling solutions for medical industry's challenges: Medical Devices identification, safety and traceability

Wound Care

Wound healing custom made adhesive tapes and dressings designed to answer your specific need : from small cuts to chronic wounds


Our bonding solutions for superior adhesion performances in Operating Room

Ostomy care

Optimum skin fixation tapes for one and two pieces collection systems


Wide range of adhesive backings and hydrogel for Electrodes and ESU plates manufacturing

Patch / Pharma

Skin friendly adhesive solutions developed and used as components of your transdermal reservoir patches and patches covering

Vascular access

Adhesive dressings for patient safety and protection during vascular procedures: post-dialysis, catheter securement and oncology

In Vitro Diagnostic

Adhesive tapes validated for microtiters sealing during IVD procedures

Medical devices assembly

Our range of adhesive tapes and die cuts for Medical device components lamination and assembly, including wearable devices

Adhex controls all the manufacturing chain and thus meets medical industry requirements

Our customers have been trusting us for the following reasons: steady R&D effort led by a talented team, a high level of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, technical capabilities established on several manufacturing sites

Research & Innovation

Research and innovation are part of our DNA. Formulations developed in the laboratory optimize medical adhesive quality and meet major manufacturers criteria (OEM). They offer better performance to patients and caregivers. More than 400 adhesive formulations are tested by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and technicians. Adhex also relies on the main universities and engineering schools with which we have been setting up important partnerships.

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Quality & Certifications

Adhex's Quality approach is essential in designing manufacturing and supplying products in compliance with ISO 13485 international standard and according to our customers requirements. Adhex also integrates the new Medical Devices Regulations (MDR) in its development policy. Our experts in Quality and Regulatory Affairs are able to provide you with assistance and support you in your technical project.

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Adhex's strength lies in its perfect control of the industrial process. In our R&D laboratory, our technicians have access to the most advanced physico-chemical testing machines. The modern and constantly improved production tooling in either both coating or converting allows us to design and manufacture customized solutions for the medical sector major clients.

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We do our utmost to answer your technical need

Your project requires a medical tape expertise ? Get in touch today with your Adhex correspondant to find your custom made adhesive solution

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