Stiffening & damping solution

In order to avoid sheet metal distortion and to improve the acoustic performance and comfort of vehicles, Adhex develops and manufactures a range of roof stiffeners or carbody elements.

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The weight reduction and de facto weakening of body components, such as the roof of the vehicle, requires to add reinforcements. Their role is twofold, on the one hand to avoid deformation or blistering of the sheet metal (indentation), and on the other hand to fight against parasitic noise and vibrations. Non visible and essential, the stiffeners must therefore be perfectly integrated into the design of the vehicle and fit perfectly into the shape of the sheet metal while avoiding contact with the roof lining and other surrounding parts. Once mounted, the stiffeners must not leave any marks or prevent the sheet metal from appearing taut.
The stiffener is made of cardboard or plastic sheets – on purpose to maintain the objective of weight reduction. This material may be combined with an acoustic damping plate (Fusible Sound Absorber Sheet, IFF), to combat vibration phenomena. The stiffener is fixed to the sheet using double-sided foam adhesive strips or glue. Adhex has a wide range of specific solutions to guarantee an optimal result. The installation is carried out in line according to various possible processes, by simple pressure or in an automated way.
The rigidity of these parts, which contribute to the safety of the vehicle, is validated by a bending test. Of course, these parts comply with all the regulations in force in the automotive industry, particularly with regard to fire resistance (fireproofing), fogging (fogging) or the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Roof stiffener-damping and stiffening of pavilions

Sticked to the roof of pavilion by adhesive or glue, the roof stiffener is a part that is non visible although essential to improve the acoustic comfort of the vehicle and to avoid roof strains.

Car body element stiffener

Adhex stiffeners prevent the distortion of the body parts of a vehicle. They also improve on-board comfort by eliminating unwanted vibrations and noise.

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