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With decades of experience and collaboration with international industry leaders, the Adhex Group has unique expertise in the electrical and electronic fields. Developed and tested in ISO 8 clean room for a better control of the dust rate, our adhesive tapes and labels are designed to be integrated in difficult industrial environments: ease of application, rapidity, durability…. Typography, flexography, screen printing or digital: all printing techniques are possible for personalized products, as cutting and assembly methods (edge-to-edge, half-cutting or die-cutting, die-cutting, lamination, etc.). Thanks to lamination, adhesives can be protected against different types of aggressions: UV resistance, abrasion, shocks… Our unwinding and rewinding machines allow 100% quality control by camera. For the assembly of components as well as for identification labels, Adhex will be able to adapt to your manufacturing processes with tailor-made solutions and adhesives that can be customized according to the final environment.

Take a look at the scope of our adhesive solutions for the electrical and electronics industry

From assembly to identification and protection, a range developed to meet your expectations.

Components Assembly

Adhex develops high-performance adhesive tapes specially designed for the assembly and cushioning of electrical and electronic components.

Identification Labels

Adhex has developed a wide range of adhesives for identification or instructions on various electrical products: components, connectors,...

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