Decoration and customization

Our decorative parts are assembled in series, in limited edition or as accessories to meet the requirement of the design teams. They help to identify and personalize a vehicle. The Adhex product range is complete and diversified, it fully meets the needs of car manufacturers.

Our recognized know-how at the service of automotive industry

Adhex offers a complete range of decorative parts for the car: sash tapes/ABC pillars films, door sills, stickers, badges, emblems, logos and medaillons. These parts are designed and produced by Adhex, a specialist in adhesive technologies. The decorative parts, whether they are made of plastic, resin or aluminium, are covered with an acrylic adhesive that guarantees the durability of the bond. The Bull’Net technology developed in our laboratories ensures bubble-free application, for a finish that perfectly meets the requirements of both, the manufacturer and the final customer.

Adhex decorative parts, especially those intended to be affixed to the outside of the vehicle, are designed to resist all types of aggression: UV radiation, weathering, mechanical friction, attempts to tear off, corrosion, contact with fuel…

The decorative elements can be affixed on all types of surfaces, both inside and outside the vehicle: on painted or varnished sheet metal, painted or rough plastic parts, windows, on smooth or textured surfaces… Their application is easy, either manually or using tools specifically developed according to the manufacturer’s needs. If necessary, their conformability guarantees a perfect result, without distortion of logos or and texts.

Adhex works with the Design departments of the vehicle manufacturers in order to establish the desired colors and to ensure its homogeneity through the different decorative elements that can be displayed on the vehicle, inside or outside, flat or in 3D shape, on sheet metal or textiles for example.

Discover our self-adhesive solutions for vehicle decoration and customization

Sash tape, black-out tape & ABC pillars

Strong, easy-to-apply and stylish adhesive solutions that meet your technical and visual requirements (engineering and design): Adhex has designed a complete range of films to cover sash tapes/ABC pillars, door frames, window frames and extensions.

Decorative covering and protection of door sill

A product that is both resistant and aesthetically pleasing: the decorative coverings and protections for thresholds and door sills designed by Adhex are also easy to lay, thus meeting all car manufacturer's requirements.

Stickers and printed adhesive decoration films

Used to identify and personalize a vehicle, the printed adhesive decoration films or stickers from Adhex meet all the requirements of quality, reliability, durability and ease of application.

Badges, emblems and logos

For inside and outside decoration and personalization of vehicles, Adhex has developed a complete range of high quality, reliable, resistant and easy to apply badges, emblems and logos.

Interior door trim medallion

The door trim medallion is an aesthetic textile element of the car that requires a perfect mastery of adhesive techniques. Adhex is able to meet the quality and reliability expectations of car manufacturers.

We develop custom-made decoration solutions and pressure adhesive supports, why not yours?

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