Technical adhesive solutions for Ostomy bags

By ensuring optimal adhesion and security, Adhex ostomy devices meet the specific requirements of the world’s ostomy bags manufacturers by providing comfort and flexibility to its devices.

Our post-digestive surgery adhesive solutions developed for your patient's self confidence

Attachment for urine and stool collection bags or additional components for reclosable, drainable or carbon filter bags, the range of devices developed by Adhex for digestive stomas provides all the safety that patients expect. Simplified use, optimal adhesion to skin weakened by repeated use, watertightness and impermeability, the securing devices and adhesive components for ostomy bags developed by Adhex adapt to the requirements of the Ostomy market leaders


The high industrial qualification developed by Adhex for more than thirty years has enabled it to create strong relationships with the medical community, by building development partnerships with leaders in ostomy and urology. Its technological mastery of adhesive formulations and specific coating techniques brings innovative adhesives to the ostomy segment. Adhex exploits the full range of adhesive chemistries and optimizes designs to obtain easy fixation and handling for track or skin bonding with excellent cutaneous tolerance. Thanks to a vertical integration of the entire production line, the devices of the ostomy range are fully customizable and are delivered in rolls or in pre-cut pieces for direct integration onto production lines.

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Ostomy Bags Securement

Fixation and adhesive solutions in rolls or die-cuts designed for ostomy bag users (1 & 2 pieces systems) to improve securement, comfort and discretion during wearing time

Adhesive components for Ostomy bags

Additional Ostomy bags components parts for drainable bags mainly

We design specific adhesive fixations for a large variety of stoma care collection bags, why not yours ?

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