Traceability, security or RFID labels

RFID tags are included in a more complex part that guarantees on the one hand the industrial implementation at high rate and on the other hand the preservation and reading of the data they contain.

RFID tags are an inherent part of the process of ensuring the identification and traceability of vehicle components at each stage of production. The RFID technology (tags, inlays) is integrated in the heart of the label in the thin layer of adhesive according to a dedicated technology subject to systematic controls. As for the standard or specific labels, the choice of the carrier is conditioned by the operations which the label will have to undergo during the manufacturing process of the vehicle. The adhesive is designed to protect the tag from the fluids and temperature changes it will have to withstand. Adhex’s research and development teams have designed traceability labels that guarantee the preservation of the RFID data they carry throughout the vehicle’s production process, including the paint lines. Thus, these labels pass without damage through the different production steps: assembly of the stampings, cataphoresis bath, painting, drying… Our solutions allow the integrator to choose the tag adapted to the vehicle manufacturer’s needs, according to the antenna technology, the reading distance, the standard or the data transfer speed. In addition to the integration of digital data, the visual identification of the label is done by printing on the visible side of the label. The RFID labels can be fixed by adhesive but also by mechanical system thanks to the addition of a dedicated carrier. The design of the labels is done in our development department in close collaboration with the technical services of the vehicle manufacturers in order to ensure the durability and robustness of the labels during the whole shelf life of the product.

Our range of traceability, security or RFID labels

RFID label for automotive production traceability

  • Printing: Incremental number
  • Carrier: Meta-aramid paper
  • Tag : Radio Frequency IDentification
  • Adhesive: Acrylic high performance
  • Carrier: Meta-aramid paper
  • Excellent resistance to cataphoresis baths
  • Excellent resistance to paint bake exposure
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Integration of incremental number

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