Black composition, Pierre Labat & Sylvain Chauveau

Black composition, a visual and sound work !

In 2018, the artists Pierre Labat and Sylvain Chauveau were welcomed for the creation of a visual and sound performance "black composition".
In 2017, Pierre Labat produced the exhibition and publication Mute at Interface. "Pierre Labat's sculpture is first and foremost physical, sometimes massive in appearance, and not afraid to assert itself in space. His works combine an abstract geometric structure (plane, line, point), almost architectural, and a minimal treatment of surfaces, with a predilection for a white or black finish." Philippe Manzone.
Some information about Sylvain Chauveau: His compositions favour minimalism, softness of timbre, long resonances and leave a place for silence. He has performed in concerts in Europe, North America and Asia, and regularly composes for film and dance.