Extrait (tôle, choc), Kevin Rouillard

Kevin Rouillard in residence at Adhex for a large-scale project

In 2017, the artist Kevin Rouillard settled in the Adhex premises for the realisation of the project "Extrait - Tôle, Choc".
The residency led to a presentation on site and the publication of a booklet on the project, followed by an exhibition in New York.
Some pieces were sold at the FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair) and others are exhibited in the Adhex production workshops.
Kevin Rouillard: "To send products to Cape Verde, expatriates fill barrels because transporting them by cargo is cheap. Once there, these cans become doors, stoves, brushes, houses. I decided to turn them into turtle shields, used in Roman soldier formations as a collective shield."
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