Other adhesive components for Ostomy bags

Filter labels, tail folding devices, tail closure tabs are devices developed by Adhex bringing flexibility and comfort necessary to the daily life of ostomy patients using drainable pouches.

Through its partnership with Ostomy and Urology leaders, Adhex team provide innovative solutions and improve the daily use of ostomates. The performance of the specific adhesives used for the filter labels guarantee pouch filter watertightness and impermeability  during the patient’s shower, as well as an excellent ease of use. Tail folding indicators provide rigidity and flexibility of the material and offer an optimal folding of the drainable bag. The adhesive selected by Adhex for the filter labels and fold indicators are suitable for bonding onto PE films with low surface energy or to non-wovens. Tail closing devices provide all the security for the patient. The hook/hook system, used by Adhex, is welded or glued with double-sided adhesive and has been proven for many years by bag manufacturers worldwide. It has seen many innovations improving the closing performance by keeping the pouch folded to prevent leakage. The transparent adhesive finally ensures all the necessary discretion for ostomy patients. The closure tabs are available in rolls of pre-cut pieces with various sizes. Thanks to a flexible converting equipment and specific adhesive chemistries, our range can be adapted to each support for optimal gripping and handling: PE film, PET film and in all colours: beige, white, transparent… The adhesive components for ostomy bags are customizable: material, transformation designs, shapes, printability with the possibility of adding additional handling tabs.

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