Adhesive tapes for bonding floor coverings

Our proven double-sided adhesive tape solutions for the installation of floor coverings, skirting boards, for all types of substrates represent a simple and fast technology adopted by our customers.

To combat the invisible and ubiquitous pollution in homes and other buildings, flooring manufacturers have switched to dry adhesive technology. Easier and faster to apply than liquid glue, dry glue requires no scrubbing time, no tools, and is characterized by low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. Without solvents or other harmful chemicals, and without odor, it is much cleaner and offers considerable time savings. The constant thickness of the adhesive ensures an even glue deposit, unlike roller or brush application. Resistant to plasticizer migration and aging, but also to heat (for heated floors) and UV rays, dry adhesives are developed by Adhex to cover a wide range of flexible or semi-rigid floor coverings, whether carpets, PVC or linoleum. They adhere perfectly to concrete, particle board, metal and many other surfaces. Dry adhesives also maintain coverings in vertical position and are therefore suitable for skirting boards (often used for industrial or collective constructions), integral step coverings, but also flexible coverings applied on walls (for hospitals, nurseries…). Designed in differentiated double-sided, the adhesives adapt to all types of surfaces and can be removed without leaving residues on the floor. Within the framework of renovation, Adhex has developed specific solutions for the bonding of floor coverings on old tiles containing asbestos and declared healthy, while allowing the removal of these same coverings after several years of wear without risk of altering the asbestos tiles.

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Double sided film adhesive

  • mlAdhesive (open side): Acrylic (removable)
  • Carrier: Film polyester
  • Adhesive (closed side): Acrylic (permanent)
  • Liner: Siliconized polypropylene film PP 2 sides
  • Assembly for temporary application
  • No adhesive residue on the temporary side upon removal

We develop custom double-sided tapes, why not yours?

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