Technical bonding to answer tailor-made demands

In collaboration with the customers, Adhex develops the best adhesive. Adhex is able to find a solution for all technical issue.

Technical bonding developed in partnership with our customers for the best result

Expert in adhesive solutions, Adhex develops and provides customized solution for industry. Because each need is different, Adhex has decided to develop the range “technical bonding” with only idea : create tailor-made solutions. With a strong know-how since 1952, Adhex has already worked on many different projects which require adaptability, technical knowledge, strong development team and profesionalism. Thank to previous project, Adhex get more than 100 references, able to be adapted and produced differently. Therefore, the Adhex Technical bonding range can answer all industry needs. Adhex is vertically integrated, from adhesives formulation to transformation in ready-to-use parts. It provides a complete service. It is also the way to create personnal solution for the customers. The technical bonding is used in the leatherwork industry. Adhex provides adhesive for the tallest brand of the world. This specific need requires an exclusive solutions. The materials quality and the requirements of this industry are high therefore the work of adhex must be high quality.

Discover applications of our products in the technical bonding for industry

Technical Bonding

Adhex develops high quality adhesive products, adapted to the leatherwork industry and intended for application on different carriers.