Medical device identification and traceability

With adhesive performance and design optimized from the early conception phases of its labelling solutions, Adhex ensures the most appropriate traceability and inviolability of your medical devices.

Blood Bag Label

A unique expertise in the medical industry field

Labels for blood bags, ostomy pouches, electrodes, vials, syringes… Adhex’s know-how in terms of adhesive formulation provides to its range of labels with all the necessary guarantees to improve the identification of your medical devices. Indeed, thanks to different adhesive chemistries, Adhex has considerably reinforced its labels. For the identification of blood bags, our solutions resist the various constraints of the production process (high temperatures, humidity, pasteurization, freezing, centrifugation…) and guarantee a high durability. They also offer perfect


Our materials for medical labels integrate these high adhesive performances and thus ensures a perfect adhesion on any type of difficult substrate. They are the result of an industrial process that has been perfectly mastered over the entire production chain for more than thirty years: coating, converting and printing processes (letterpress, flexography, thermal transfer) together with the different inks being used. Our identification range of products meets your most demanding quality requirements with camera control during production.

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Blood Bag primary identification labels

Custom labelling solutions for primary blood bag labels with high resistance to sterilization and temperature

Other medical labels

Other labelling technologies including RFID and specific niche requirements for various medical applications

We develop custom made PSA labels for various medical application, why not yours ?

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