Die-cut adhesive parts for acoustic protection of vehicles

Adhex develops for vehicle manufacturers a range of adhesive parts contributing to sound insulation and absorption to contribute to a quieter drive.

Die-cut adhesive acoustic protection parts designed by Adhex with the technical teams of the car manufacturers ensure both acoustic insulation and sound absorption. The research and development on the mass per area of the parts will guarantee the insulation of the vehicle: it is then a question of putting in place low thickness but high density films. To improve noise absorption, we use adapted materials such as EPDM cellular rubber (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer), open or closed cell foams, cotton felts or polyester or polypropylene fibers. The aim is to meet, with tailor-made technologies, the specific needs of each car manufacturer. The combination of foam, film and adhesive provides a reliable solution for each case. The manufacturing technique is therefore specific to each part: cutting, lamination, etc…, with a dual objective: precision and lightness of the product, as part of the strategy to make vehicles lighter and reduce environmental impact. Adhex die-cut adhesive parts thus contribute to reduce the noise perceived by users, whether it is noise related to the use of the car (engine, door slamming, vibrations or rubbing…) or noises from outside (aero, rain…).

Our range of die-cut adhesive parts for acoustic protection


Black adhesive felt

  • Carrier: Black Polyester felt
  • Adhesive: Acrylic hot melt
  • Liner: Brown kraft paper
  • Compatible with low energy surfaces or greasy surfaces
  • Reducing noises such as friction, vibrations or shocks between components inside the vehicle


Black textured adhesive acoustic PVC film

  • Carrier: Black textured PVC film
  • Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic
  • Liner: Anti-adherent 1 sided polyethylene coated paper
  • Thick (860µm), acoustic insulation and very resistant product of a very easy use


Anthracite adhesive polyethylene foam 2mm

  • Carrier: Anthracite polyethylene foam
  • Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic
  • Liner: Anti-adherent 1 sided polyethylene coated paper


Grey adhesive PP Non-woven

  • Carrier: Grey PP non-woven
  • Adhesive: Water based acrylic
  • Liner: Brown non-adherent polyethylene coated paper
  • Excellent adhesion on low surface energy
  • Very good resistant against friction and scratch
  • Limits a friction noise
  • Printable

We develop other solutions for die-cut adhesive parts, why not yours ?

Thanks to our experience and development skills, we develop soltuions adapted to the needs of our customers and meeting all the requirements of the automotive sector.

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