Automatic assembly devices

To optimize the application cycle time of die-cut parts, Adhex developed cutting-edge means, transitioning from non-ergonnomic manual process to automated, ensuring both efficiency and safety.

During car body production, over 100 holes are required for the e-coating process. These holes must subsequently be covered for corrosion, acoustic, and sealing purposes. Traditionally, this operation involves manual, time-consuming, and non-ergonomic processes. In response, Adhex has developed a range of adhesive patches that are easier to apply than current plastic plugs. These patches can be automated using state-of-the-art automatic application solutions, ensuring fast, precise, and fully controlled application of adhesive die-cut parts. Designed for application from both the interior and exterior of vehicles, our applicators seamlessly integrate into automotive production lines. As specialists in custom solutions, Adhex assists clients in tailoring these tools to meet their specific requirements.

Our range of automatic assembly devices

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Thanks to our experience and development skills, we develop solutions adapted to the needs of our customers and meeting all the requirements of the automative sector.

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