Badges, emblems and logos

For inside and outside decoration and personalization of vehicles, Adhex has developed a complete range of high quality, reliable, resistant and easy to apply badges, emblems and logos.

Aesthetic items used to identify or customize the vehicle, badges, emblems and logos must meet high aesthetic and technical requirements to ensure the visual quality of the parts over time by resisting external aggressions such as corrosion, washing brushes, vehicle maintenance products or UV, but also functional by ensuring a perfect fixation of the product throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. Adhex has developed a wide range of badges, emblems and logos: flat or shaped aluminium badges with a brushed aspect, mat, glossy or satin finish, flexible badges made of bi-component resin (free of volatile organic compounds, VOCs), flexible badges with a textured aspect but also badges adapted for installation on fibrous substrates (fabric, carpets, rugs). In order to meet all the requirements of car manufacturer’s design departments, we create flat or 3D, stamped or embossed, printed and varnished parts. Thanks to our perfect mastery of adhesive technologies (double-sided or transfer), our parts can be applied on all surfaces or areas of the vehicle: painted or varnished sheet metal, painted or raw plastic parts, both inside (dashboard) and outside (bumper, rear-view mirror gusset, side rail, door pillar trim, etc.).

In addition to the injection-molded plastic mounting embases, we offer a specific filling system for our aluminium badges, emblems and logos that allows us to maintain a slight conformability of the parts in order to guarantee easy application without distortion of the visuals.

Our range of stickers, emblems and logos

Flexible plastic badge formed special for fabrics

  • Surface protective : Transparent polyurethane film
  • Printing: According to customer's request
  • Carrier: Polyurethane film
  • Adhesive: Thermo-adhesive
  • Liner: Anti-adherent paper
  • Applicable on all types of fabrics by thermo-adhesive
  • Customized printing
  • Embossed interior marking

Printed adhesive resin badge

  • Resin: Transparent bi-component polyurethane
  • Printing: According to customer's request
  • Carrier: PVC or PET film
  • Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic
  • Liner: Anti-adherent paper
  • Flexible product easily adaptable to its environment (flat or slightly curved)
  • Printing and custom shape
  • Bonding on painted sheet metal, plastic smooth or grained or LSE
  • Installation aid with flexible or rigid template integration

Decorated adhesive aluminum Badge

  • Surface protective : Top coat
  • Carrier: Aluminium
  • Printing: According to customer's request
  • Adhesive: Double-sided solvent-based acrylic foam
  • Liner: Anti-adherent paper
  • Custom printing
  • Flat, embossed or stamped shape and text
  • Circular or linear brushing
  • Possibility of incremental number
  • Available on injected plastic base
  • Bonding on painted sheet metal, plastic smooth or grained or LSE
  • Mounting aid with flexible or rigid template integration

We develop other decorative adhesive films, why not yours ?

Thanks to our experience and development skills, we develop solutions adapted to the needs of our customers and meeting all the requirements of the automotive industry.

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