Black adhesive PP Non-woven

  • Carrier: Black PP Non-woven
  • Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic
  • Liner: Brown non-adherent polyethylene coated paper
En savoir plus
  • Various lengths and width adapted according to needs
  • Protection of metal or plastic parts which can suffer damages due to assembly and disassembly stages of the vehicle during the manufacturing process.
  • Anti-scratch or abrasion-resistant purposes.
  • Acoustic ability: good resistance against various noises.
  • Adapted to low energy or painted steel plate
  • Very good resistance and conformability
  • Lint-free material with excellent resistance to scratching
  • Excellent instant adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Easy application on distorted surfaces or edgefolding
  • Acoustic improvement
  • Good performance in high temperature: 120°C peak
Storage and shelf life
  • 6 months from the date of receipt by the customer when the product is stored in his original packaging at 20°C (±5°C) and a relative humidity of approximately 50% (±15%). The products must be protected from temperatures above 40°C, UV light and relative humidity above 80%.
Veuillez noter que les tests sont effectués dans des conditions standardisées et, par conséquent, les résultats obtenus pour une application spécifique peuvent différer des résultats présentés ci-dessus.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES ne garantit la conformité de ses produits aux spécifications figurant sur la fiche technique qu'au moment de leur livraison.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES n'offre aucune autre garantie et, en particulier, ne garantit pas les performances du produit ou sa sécurité lorsqu'il est utilisé en combinaison avec d'autres matériaux.
ADHEX TECHNOLOGIES ne garantit pas les produits pour un usage particulier, ni ne garantit leur compatibilité ou leur adéquation à quelque application industrielle ou procédé de transformation que ce soit.
Les clients sont invités à se référer aux « Conditions Générales de Vente et de Garantie » disponibles sur www.adhex.com
Reference : FT-AUT-00069-03
Creation date : 2021/09/10

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Black adhesive felt

  • Carrier: Black Polyester felt
  • Adhesive: Acrylic hot melt
  • Liner: Brown kraft paper
  • Compatible with low energy surfaces or greasy surfaces
  • Reducing noises such as friction, vibrations or shocks between components inside the vehicle


Transparent glossy adhesive PVC film

  • Carrier: Transparent glossy calendered PVC film
  • Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic
  • Liner: Anti-adherent 2 sided polyethylene coated paper
  • Product conformability, printability and excellent UV-resistance ensure a sustainable utilization outside the vehicle.
  • Excellent protection of friction, abrasion and scratch sensitive areas.


Zinc adhesive special grease surface

  • Carrier: Zinc sheet Z1 purity 99,995%
  • Adhesive: Water based acrylic double-sided on non-woven backing
  • Liner: Brown two sided non-stick paper
  • Special to bonding on grease surface
  • Sacrificial anode (consumable anode) in the case of cathodic protection of metals


Zinc adhesive

  • Carrier: Zinc sheet Z1 purity 99,995%
  • Adhesive: Solvent based acrylic
  • Liner: White non-stick paper
  • Special to bonding on clean surface
  • Sacrificial anode (consumable anode) in the case of cathodic protection of metals


Grey adhesive PP Non-woven

  • Carrier: Grey PP non-woven
  • Adhesive: Water based acrylic
  • Liner: Brown non-adherent polyethylene coated paper
  • Excellent adhesion on low surface energy
  • Very good resistant against friction and scratch
  • Limits a friction noise
  • Printable

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