Implantable chambers protection and sealing

Breathability,watertightness, bacterial barrier… the range of protection and needle coverings for oncology makes the insertion and removal of catheters or implantable chambers safer.

XL Care Protect Film ensures optimal safety when inserting a catheter or an implantable chamber for oncology. The device designed by Adhex certifies the protection and covering of the application site in order to avoid any contamination around the needle entry point. The adhesion performance guards both its tightness and the repeatability of application, involving high skin tolerance, in compliance with biocompatibility standards (ISO 10993). The non-woven reinforcement provides mechanical resistance, the device is highly conformable in the application areas (chinstrap and subclavian). The central non-adhesive area allows the invasive device to be monitored and higher breathability, to prevent from any maceration and infection risk; Size, design, customer logo printing, individual product pouching or bulk delivery for integration into a specific oncology set, CE marking… Coating, cutting, converting, Adhex controls the entire production process allowing it to adapt to demand and to customize the devices.

Our range of adhesive dressing for implantable devices covering

XL Care Protect Film

PU dressing with adhesive-free central area

  • Carrier: Transparent PU film 28 g/sqm reinforced with non-woven PET film 50 g/sqm
  • Lamination adhesive : Solvent acrylic 20 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent acrylic 27 g/sqm
  • Liner: White paper one side siliconized 80 g/sqm
  • Adhesive-free central area for lower risk of skin irritation and patient comfort
  • Breathable dressing
  • Good skin adhesion

XL Care Dermic Film

Primary device securement

  • Applicator: White paper one side siliconized 121 g/sqm
  • Carrier: Transparent PU Film 25 g/sqm
  • Adhesive: Solvent acrylic 25 g/sqm
  • Liner: Printed paper one side siliconized 81 g/sqm
  • Transparent adhesive dressing
  • Breathable with good skin adhesion
  • Application tips printed on the paper frame

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