Tapes for medical devices assembly

The set of solutions developed by Adhex for medical devices design ensures high adhesion performances for custom assembly components or sensor holders, while respecting biocompatibility standards.

Our unique know-how for the design of your medical device

Spacer tape or sensor securement, Adhex medical device assembly range provides all the guarantees to optimize adhesion and hold any device.
Adhex’s expertise in adhesive chemistry and bonding techniques offers many benefits for werable devices (conformability, robustness and resistance or breathability). Thus these sensors make the measurements and body parameters to be taken into account more reliable (glucose, blood sugar, elderly monitoring, sports performance calculation…).


The industrial know-how also enables Adhex to provide answers to all your medical device development issues given the substrate type and nature (skin bonding or not), while facilitating cutting in strict compliance with your process tolerances. Single-sided, double-sided or transfer adhesive, Adhex selects the most suitable materials to provide the essential component of your medical device.


For more than thirty years, Adhex has been established as a major partner of the medical community by answering all medical devices production constraints. Vertical integration allows Adhex to control the entire chain, from coating to converting, guaranteeing that your adhesive element or component will be manufactured in a fully controlled atmosphere.

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Wearable devices securement and fixation

Fixation and securement adhesive tapes for your wearable medical device: from a few minutes to several days.

Adhesive Tapes For Medical Devices Assembly

Wide range of adhesive tapes for Medical device components lamination and assembly

Your medical devices requires a specific adhesive fixation, get in touch with our team to discuss your project !

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