Adhesive solutions for the hydrogen energy market

Adhex has designed specific adhesives for the manufacture and assembly of hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysers, tanks, or charging stations, whether for assembly, sealing, noise and vibration management, or identification and traceability.

Adhex products for the hydrogen energy industry have been designed in partnership with market leaders to meet their expectations. The use concerns both vehicles (cars, public transport – trains, buses – trucks, maritime) and stationary solutions (powering isolated sites, smart grid, for smart grids). For the manufacture of fuel cells (PAC), we offer cut-out adhesive parts dedicated to the assembly of the various components making up the cell (membranes, bipolar plates), or complete fuel cells (stacks). These adhesive parts, single or double-sided, have good sealing properties combined with good adhesion characteristics and materials chosen and tested in the laboratory to avoid any leakage. With a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC), they ensure a strong and perfectly hermetic bond, ensuring an optimal service life. Our foam adhesive parts also help to attenuate and reduce noises such as squeaking or buzzing, or vibrations (NVH for noise, vibration, and harshness) in fuel cells, tanks or any other component used in the manufacture of hydrogen installations. Adhex adhesive labels are developed for the identification of the elements: dates, serial numbers, functional information (instructions, warnings, recharging time…), traceability with unique marking, ADR information (agreement for the transport of dangerous goods according to European regulations)… Decorative elements and labels can also be used, for example, on the front panels of charging stations. They show a strong adhesion on variable surface finishes (smooth or rough) and on various materials such as composite or metal (tanks are often made of composite). Our products have good durability under industrial conditions and are compatible for manual or automatic application (highly automated production process). They guarantee a durable bond as well as resistance to chemicals, high temperatures, abrasion, moisture and can, if required, meet UL certification requirements.

Products for the manufacture of hydrogen components and installations

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