Adhesive solutions for the solar energy market

Mounting on structure, fixing of cables, busbars, boxes, junction boxes, shutters, identification labels… Adhex offers solutions adapted to the production of solar (Pv) and thermal panels.

Adhesives specific to the solar energy industry are resistant to weather, UV, immersion, high temperatures and aging, for temporary or permanent bonding as required, delivered as tapes or die-cut adhesive pieces. Various products are available:

– Double-sided adhesives for mounting solar modules on the frames of their structures (rails or uprights) ;

– Single-sided adhesives dedicated to protect the edges of the modules, to ensure the sealing of the aluminium frame and to avoid water infiltration at the level of the wires and cells; – Double-sided for assembling focusing lenses, rails or even heliostat mirrors (with a swivel-resistant mounting on the outside);

– Double-sided adhesives dedicated to the fixation and positioning of photovoltaic cells; – Single-sided adhesives for fixing and holding cables, or for wrapping cable harnesses;

– Adhesives for fixing photovoltaic junction boxes and solar connectors, housings and busbars;

– Shutters to cover the holes necessary for the production of panels: – Identification labels for electrical components or traceability (unique number);

– Films to insulate the cells from the components and to prevent overheating of the housings;

– Conductive tapes and tab tapes, to fix and hold the cells on the cables and improve electrical conductivity. These products are designed to be shock absorbing, strong, durable, easy to apply and can be UL standardized.

Products that meet the needs of solar industry leaders


Acrylic adhesive transfer

  • Adhesive: Transparent acrylic solvent
  • Protective liner: Anti-adhesive blue film

P249 (Industry)

Double sided PE foam adhesive

  • Carrier: Closed cells black PE foam
  • Adhesive (open & closed side): Solvent based acrylics
  • Liner: Clear anti-adherent PET tape 50µm


Double-sided adhesive scrim

  • Adhesive (open side): Acrylic
  • Carrier: Polyester scrim
  • Adhesive (closed side): Acrylic
  • Liner: Siliconized Paper 2 sides

We develop tailor-made adhesive solutions for the solar industry, why not yours?

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